God Knows…God Cares
Does God truly care about my life…about me? For many of us, we wonder what to make of God. And, we wonder about how God thinks of us, even feels about us. At Redeemer, we believe that God longs to be known and trusted by people like us. During our summer series we will explore stories from the Bible and stories from the here and now and discover that God knows and cares…and we can take heart and move forward.
Through music, creative arts, stories and Bible based teaching we will examine 4 main themes:
  • God knows my name
  • God knows my pain
  • God knows my fear
  • God knows my destiny or purpose
We believe that God’s strong and wise Spirit will take these truths and intersect them with our personal lives in meaningful and life changing ways…Your life could be deeply impacted. Will you make it a priority to join us for as many summer Sundays as possible? Come…with an honest and teachable heart and mind. You will be glad you did…and is there someone you could invite to join you? Sundays at 10…in the gym while our sanctuary is refurbished!
Warmly, Pastor John
Where do you turn for hope and help along the way?

At Redeemer Bible Church we are passionate about creating ‘places’ to ask questions, address real issues, and find truth that intersects with life…yours included. Could this be a time for you to come to church, maybe for the first time?

Here’s what we offer on Sundays @ 10 am…a warm welcome, engaging music, creative expressions of faith, and thought provoking teaching from the Bible. Here’s what you won’t find … harsh judgement and boring irrelevance.

We want you to experience the grace and truth of Jesus in a way that infuses you with hope and guidance. We offer these truths and experiences for all ages, Sundays and between Sundays.

A vibrant ministry to children happens each Sunday for kids JK to Gr. 5; including nursery and toddler care for the entire service.

Freshly brewed coffee is served free of charge in our Connections Cafe  before and after the service.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Redeemer community. It would be our pleasure to walk alongside and encourage you on your journey of faith.

Sunday Morning services
@ 10:00 am

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