Redeemer @ 70



Redeemer @ 70: Deep and Wide…I love the richness of these 3 words, ‘deep and wide.’  As we prepare to celebrate our 68th Anniversary next Saturday and Sunday morning, May 23/24 we will remember what God has done through people like you and me over 68 eventful years.  ‘Deep and Wide’ speaks about God’s purpose of people growing deeper in relationship with Him and others. Deeper ‘roots’ of faith, hope, and love. And, a widening reach extended to the lost, lonely, and poor…starting at home and then expanding to the ends of the earth…offering spiritual hope and practical help in Jesus name. ‘Deep and Wide’ captures the heart beat and mindset of Jesus and pictures the kind of church we yearn to be in the years to come leading up to our 70th Anniversary in 2017. 

I have a practical ask of you…would you send me your choices of 6 words to describe Redeemer.  If you can’t come up with 6, that’s ok, send me your best choices!


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