The word baptism literally means being ‘immersed’ or ‘plunged’…into water. It is an out-ward sign and testimony that a person has made a decision to be a follower of Jesus. We offer baptism on a regular basis. You can investigate and learn more by contacting any of our Ministry Staff or calling the church office.
A number of Christian faith communities baptize babies as an expression of their parent’s faith in God’s grace for the child. We agree that God’s grace covers children but also believe that to follow Jesus, is for people who come to that decision based on their own personal faith rather than an expression of the faith of their parents. We therefore encourage people who were baptized as infants to be baptized as adults. We recognize that coming to that decision may involve careful and thoughtful discussion. Please feel free to talk to any of our Staff if you have any questions about baptism or would like to be baptized.