Hello Church!
I have been asked about what sort of Bible Reading Plans I use, and I would recommend for people wanting to commit to regular reading of God’s Word in 2021. Below I have a list of just a few options that I think are pretty good, and some comments for each.

In some ways it doesn’t much matter which plan you settle on, the biggest challenge you will face is discipline. The habit of reading the Bible regularly is like any other habit – it is hard to sustain. If at all possible, I always encourage people “read together”, or “don’t read alone”. Gather with a group or a friend/spouse every day or week and read together and talk about it. If you are part of a life group that meets online during the pandemic, then read the Bible together.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to soak your reading in a good deal of prayer!

I am hoping to have some news soon about some Bible Studies that I will be leading/providing to help people to not only spend time in the Word, but to study it deeply. Stay tuned for that!

Here are my top 5 suggestions for Bible Reading Plans for 2021 (though there are many more!)

Ligonier is a great organization committed to Scriptural authority. They are rooted in the Reformed tradition and tend to (rightly) emphasize the “solas” of the Reformation. This link will introduce you to a number of Bible reading plans for 2021 – there are so many plans that I can’t even summarize them! Check them out for yourself!

This is a Great plan! It will guide you through every word of the Bible, which is good. It also tries to follow things chronologically, which means that you will encounter psalms pressed into David’s life (i.e., in Samuel/Chronicles/Kings). I like that it is a 5-Day plan too since for many people a 7-day plan is daunting.

This one is a little more daunting because it is basically a 7 day/week plan, but it offers what only the Bible Project can offer – accompanying videos that help you understand what you are reading. The videos are generally very good and even provide a good medium for including kids in on the readings.

 This app is really good. To get the most from this app you will need to pay for it, sorry! But it has not only reading plans, but it is audio so you can have your daily passages read to you if you’d like! There are loads of cool features that make it easy to have the Word in your head all day. If you like getting your reading in through audio, or spend time in the car, at the gym, or doing work around the house, then perhaps this is right for you.

In Christ, Pastor Carl