A Working Faith…what does that mean?  One of the main criticisms of ‘churches’ and Christians is the ‘gap’ between what is believed and what is actually lived out.  That ‘gap’ can frustrate and generate lots of skepticism and head shaking. 

     Sometimes Christians can ‘talk a good game’….but little is actually done constructively in Jesus’ name.  At Redeemer Bible Church, we understand how annoying that can be.   We want to ‘close the gap’ between ‘talk and walk.’  We would love to have you join us Sundays @ 10 am, starting September 21 for a new message series based on a New Testament letter written by a man named James.  A very interesting guy with a bold, practical and no nonsense message.  Our Sunday gatherings include engaging music, creative elements, and life related teaching, rooted in      a warm and accepting welcome.

     We offer a nursery and children’s program through Grade 5.  We would enjoy meeting you and learning together how to ‘close the gap’ between ‘belief and behaviour’ that matters to God, expresses the heart of Jesus, and makes a difference in the world you and I live in. 

      Church may be a new experience, or maybe it’s been a long time…why not ‘test drive’ church and see if there isn’t something offered that you have been looking for? Who knows what a Sunday morning could mean to you?  Is this your time to explore like never before? 

Learning with you, 

Pastor John


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Nov 2, 2014
Last Words About A Working Faith
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    Last Words About A Working Faith
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