Next Steps

All of us have a next step of some kind to take on the journey of faith. At Redeemer we seek to partner with the work of God’s Spirit in lives, through offering a variety of meaningful next steps.

Sundays. Your next step may be to join us on a Sunday morning for an inspiring, multi-generational experience, along with other guests and those who call Redeemer their church home.

Between Sundays. We think life is better when done in groups—so we group up. Our Evergreens (50+), Young Adults Group, and Journey Groups are small communities of people who want a place to be themselves, offer and receive care, discuss Scripture, ask hard questions, and grow in their life with God. If your next step is to give one of our groups a try, we would love to help you get connected. Please send an email to: and one of our pastors will be pleased to respond to you.

Serve. There are many ways to use our time and talents and get involved at Redeemer. As you think about what arena of service might be a good fit for you, some ministries to consider are: Journey Group Host, Journey Group Leader, Children’s Ministry, Student Ministries, Compassion Ministries, Kitchen, Library, Worship, Sound Technician, Media Support, Prayer Ministry, Property and Grounds Maintenance, Ushering, Greeting, or Café hosting. If you have questions, or would like to express an interest in serving in a particular ministry, please send an email to: and one of our pastors will gladly connect with you.



The most significant next step that anyone can take is the decision to receive God’s grace and begin a new life in Jesus Christ. Baptism is a way of marking this very important decision that a follower of Christ makes. We want you to be informed about the biblical meaning of Baptism, and nothing would give us greater pleasure as a church than to celebrate your Baptism with you as a symbol of a spiritual change that has happened in your life.

The word baptism literally means being ‘immersed’ or ‘plunged’…into water. It is an out-ward sign and testimony that a person has made a decision to be a follower of Jesus. We offer baptism on a regular basis. You can investigate and learn more by contacting any of our Ministry Staff or calling the church office.
A number of Christian faith communities baptize babies as an expression of their parent’s faith in God’s grace for the child. We agree that God’s grace covers children but also believe that to follow Jesus, is for people who come to that decision based on their own personal faith rather than an expression of the faith of their parents. We therefore encourage people who were baptized as infants to be baptized as adults. We recognize that coming to that decision may involve careful and thoughtful discussion. Please feel free to talk to any of our Staff if you have any questions about baptism or would like to be baptized.


Child Dedication

Jesus affirmed children as vital members of God’s community. In the Hebrew community of the Old Testament, the practice was to dedicate children to God as an expression of the parents’ gratefulness before God for the child and asking for His blessing on the child’s life (Luke 2:22). In the history of the Christian church, some faith communities baptize children as an expression of their household being followers of Jesus. We believe baptism, the outward sign that a person has made a commitment to follow Jesus, is for people who come to that decision based on their own personal faith rather than as an expression of the faith of their parents. Therefore, we affirm child dedication as an excellent way to gather the community around a child and for the parents to celebrate the gift of the child and ask for God’s best for him or her. If you are interested in having your child dedicated, please contact us.


Before his death, Jesus shared a Passover meal with his disciples to speak with them about his impending death and its meaning. During this meal, he took two simple elements of the supper, wine and bread, and imported new meaning into the sharing of these. In essence, this Passover meal where the Jews remembered their deliverance and freedom from slavery in Egypt generations ago was used by Jesus to help his disciples grasp that he was going to be the final sacrifice for the sins of all people and the means of spiritual freedom (Matthew 26:20-30, Mark 14:12-26, Luke 22:13-20, 1 Corinthians 11:23-26). From the time of Jesus, Christians have shared the Lord’s supper as a way to remember Jesus’ death and celebrate their new life with God. At Redeemer, we celebrate Communion monthly; usually on the first Sunday of each month.

Church Membership

At Redeemer, we recognize and emphasize church membership because it is biblical, people need it, and people matter. Individualist Christianity is a myth and a damaging pursuit. God makes us part of his larger family when we are born again. But then, he calls us to be an active part of a local church family and live in community with them.

Membership doesn’t save us. But it enables us to grow and become spiritually mature in Christ. To receive more information about the membership process at Redeemer or to speak to one of our pastors, please send an email to

And so, we invite you to point your feet in the right direction, take a step and see what happens. We won’t let you go it alone—we weren’t made for that. At Redeemer you will be alongside people who will walk with you and pick you up when you stumble and fall.

We are Redeemer. Wherever we are, inside the walls of the church or out, we yearn to help people take their next steps toward Christ and with Christ…together.