Current Sermon Series

     We are living in such tumultuous times, streaked with uncertainty, loss, and fear. 

In times like these prayers are uttered, often nervously, guiltily, desperately. Many people are hungry for hope, for direction and reassurance. For God. 

      In the first century the followers of Jesus, and those who were spiritually curious, wanted to know about prayer and how to pray. Jesus offered them insight and instruction that is as timely now as it was then. We will examine what has become known as the Lord’s Prayer September 13,20, and 27.

     Maybe this prayer has been part of your life for years, or at least in your awareness. Or, possibly this is brand new to you. Let’s join together, in person or on line and discover the highly relational aspect of prayer and hopefully experience in deeply personal ways God’s heart for us. 

As we engage with humble and teachable hearts and minds, we will be engaged with a prayer like no other, a prayer that can help shape the prayers that well up within us. 

Video and Questions for The Lord’s Prayer Series
September 13 – Prayer Begins with God
September 20 – A Gutsy Prayer to Pray