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Introducing the Redeemer Centre for Faith & Life

Updated: May 1

This is an exciting time for Redeemer! For 77 years we've been trying to carry out the Great Commission by making disciples, and the Redeemer Centre for Faith & Life is an attempt to take what we have been doing informally and making it formal!

At Redeemer, we have a desire and plan to help Christians grow in maturity by helping them to see how to apply and live out their faith in every area of their life. So we have Redeemer Beginnings and Questions & Christianity to introduce skeptics and the unchurched to Jesus. We Redeemer Foundations for those believers looking to build a solid base of theology and knowledge to their faith. In addition we offer many strategic classes, talks, and training workshops aimed at equipping and challenging Christians to think deeply and apply wisely, the implications of the gospel in their life. For instance, we offer our Intro to Faith & Work class each year, as well as other talks and classes on topics ranging from seeking Sabbath rest in our daily lives, and how to think biblically about social media, to classes on books of the Bible and more.

All of these initiatives (and more) are part of Redeemer's plan to help you think through and live out the implications of the gospel in your life!

This page is a resource for you! We hope to not only use this page to communicate upcoming training events, but to also provide you with articles, videos, books, and more, that will help you to grow in your faith ad live more missionally.

This page is pretty bare at the moment but will resources will be added weekly. In the coming weeks and months, take time to check out some of the links and resources you find here for the topics most relevant to you. Some of these resources will be created by our team at Redeemer, and others will be links to resources made by other churches, teachers, or ministries.

If you should want to support us in our effort to equip Christians to live the gospel everywhere, you can do so by clicking here.

In Christ,

Pastor Carl

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