We are thrilled to be able to safely open our doors for service on Sunday July 5th. We wish to ask for your patience with us as we navigate this new way of re-gathering in-person and online. We have taken the Ontario government re-opening guidelines, as well as our own safety processes, to ensure everyone feels comfortable and safe returning to church.   

Please familiarize yourself with the new safety measures.


  • You will need to register to attend Sunday services online prior to attending in-person. We need to be aware of how many people are attending so we can ensure that we have the appropriate seating and the necessary social distance measures in place. We are limiting the attendance for service at 100 people including all volunteers.
  • You will receive instructions on the registration process on Tuesday June 30, 2020.



  • Doors will not be opened prior to 9:30 am. If you arrive earlier than 9:30 am, we kindly ask you to remain in your vehicle until 9:30 am.
  • Your online registration will be confirmed with you prior to entering the church. You will not be able to enter church if you did not register online prior to Sunday. If you know of someone who cannot register online, please contact the church at (905) 356-6888 and we can register them for the service.
  • We ask you that once your registration is confirmed, as you make your way directly into the sanctuary, please sanitize your hands before entering the sanctuary. We ask you to respect social distance practices as you enter. Once you’re in the sanctuary, you can choose any available seats. The seats within the sanctuary are appropriately placed with social distancing measures in place.
  • You cannot move or rearrange the seats within the sanctuary. If needed, an usher will help you get enough seats for your family.
  • Once you have your seats, we ask that you remain seated, unless you must use the designated washroom.
  • We are unable to provide children’s ministry at this time. Your children are welcome within the sanctuary, however it is your responsibility that your children maintain social distancing practices at all times. There is a change table available in the accessible washroom in the foyer.
  • There will be no coffee or tea service in the Connections Cafe. However it will be used for families with small children if necessary.
  • We are limiting the accessible areas within the church. There will be one accessible washroom in the foyer available for your use. but the coat rack area and library will not be accessible.  
  • There are hand sanitizer stations within the foyer and within the sanctuary.
  • We encourage you to bring your own mask with you. All of our volunteers will be wearing one during the service.
  • We will be exiting the sanctuary slowly and in an organized manner. The sections closer to the doors will exit first. Please maintain social distancing while exiting the church.

More information about the registration process, our service and some frequently asked questions will be coming to you shortly.

Again, we ask for your patience with us as we navigate this new way of gathering together. We feel confident that these measures, along with your diligence in maintaining social distancing, will provide a safe environment for all.

May our God bless you richly in the days to come and we hope to see you soon!