A Final Word

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Sermon Notes

“A Final Word” – Matthew 7:21-29
Review Matthew 7:21-29. How does this speak to your life?
• What, if it was robbed from you, would lead to your feeling lost,
worthless and as if life lost its meaning? Be honest.
• What in our passage scares you? Comforts you? Challenges
you? Why?
What implications does Matthew 7:21-29 have for us as a church
• Jesus says that “many will say” that they have lived as Christians
but have not known him (Jesus) at all. How can Redeemer help
ensure that fewer “believers” live in this sort of delusion?
How does this passage speak to our city?
• If there is only one foundation (Jesus) that we can build on which
can bear the weight of our hopes, fears and needs, then how
does the church model and proclaim this truth to a world that not
only doesn’t trust Jesus, but is skeptical of anyone’s ability and
right to tell them how to live?