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Sermon Notes

“Anger” – Matthew 5:21-26
Review Matthew 5:21-26. How does this speak to your life?
• We all wrestle with different triggers that can stir up anger within
us. What are some specifics that you can identify that cause
anger to take control?
What implications does Matthew 5:17-20 have for us as a church
• Jesus implies that reconciliation is a prerequisite for worship. Is
there a relationship in your life where you may need to explore
the possibility of reconciliation? If so, what next step do you
need to take?
How does this passage speak to our city?
• Our world encourages people to hold grudges or lash out in
revenge based on who it believes is “justified” to do so. How can
we as Christians demonstrate humility and reconciliation in the
eyes of the public? How can this impact our testimony to the
world on behalf of the Gospel?