Christian Integrity

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Sermon Notes

“Christian Integrity” – Matthew 5:33-37
Review Matthew 5:33-37. How does this speak to your life?
• Have you ever thought about who and what you trust? Are you
suspicious of people? What media outlets do you trust? Why do
you trust some but not others and what does that tell you about
your biases?
What implications does Matthew 5:33-37 have for us as a church
• What implications do Jesus’ words have on the Church’s
handling of things like church membership, volunteer
responsibilities, etc.?
• What can we do in the church to increase the trust that we have
for one another? What role do our promises to one another play
in this?
How does this passage speak to our city?
• We can see that trust for institutions and governments is
plummeting in Canada. How might the Church be a countercultural
community of integrity in the Niagara Region?