Christians in the Age of Offence

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Sermon Notes

“Christians in the Age of Offence” – Matthew 5:38-42
Review Matthew 5:38-42. How does this speak to your life?
• Think about the last time you were angry. What made you angry?
Why did it anger you?
• What would need to change in the way you deal with being
offended for you to live as Jesus instructs you to live? Why is this
so hard for you?
What implications does Matthew 5:38-42 have for us as a church
• How do you think the church (Redeemer or the Church in
general) does in modeling the sort of ”non-retaliation” within its
• Do we respond to wrongs with mercy, love and generosity? If so
– how? If not – why do you think that is?
How does this passage speak to our city?
• Jesus asks us to not resist those who wish to do us harm. What
might a church that learned to “turn the cheek” and “go the
second mile” look like in our community?