Marriage & Divorce

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Sermon Notes

“Marriage & Divorce” – Matthew 5:32
Review Matthew 5:31-32. How does this speak to your life?
• Considering Jesus’ words about divorce in this passage and in 19:3-9, how is your view on marriage and divorce changed?
What implications does Matthew 5:31-32 have for us as a church community?
• How might Redeemer better care for people who have been or are considering divorce?
• Where have you seen churches fail to care for people who have gone through divorce? How could they have responded better?
How does this passage speak to our city?
• Considering your unchurched friends, family, coworkers and what you see on TV, what do you think the world’s view about marriage and divorce are? How does this view differ from Jesus’ perspective?
• If the church is to be a “city on a hill”, and “salt and light”, what might we do to model Godly marriages in our region? How might we model biblical healing for those who have gone through divorces?