Navigating Adventure

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Sermon Notes

Series Title:  Navigate: trusting the One who knows the way…Navigating Adventure

Scripture Source:  Acts 1:8


What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘witness’ or the verb ‘witnessing’?

What does the word mean?
“to see, to hear or know by personal experience or perception, to bear witness, to give evidence of…first hand evidence ‘martyr’ the Christian use of the Greek translation

Illustrate:  ever had to ‘bear witness’ to a crime or accident?  You are asked to recount, in detail what/who you saw first- hand.  

And then we have the directive of Jesus to his first followers. Acts 1:8

Context:  Jesus has been crucified, buried and amazingly, resurrected from the dead.  Acts 1:3

And he is sharing a lot of ‘table time’ with his disciples, letting them know with simplicity and clarity what they are to be about…and how.

An Adventure Begins: Acts 1:8

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; (see Acts 2:1-11) and you will be my witnesses IN Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Context:  his followers are wondering about a different kind of kingdom and different kinds of timetables and agendas.  Jesus abruptly sets them straight with what matters most and what needs to be left with God.  Acts 1:6-7  And then Jesus ascends to heaven in a miraculous way, with insights from two men dressed in white.  Vss. 10-11.  In other words, ‘guys, what are you doing looking up into the heavens…you have an adventure to engage in, on with it!’

Answering Questions about ‘witnessing’

  1. ‘My witnesses’…WHOSE? Jesus, the crucified and risen Savior.  We bear ‘witness’ to the person of Jesus, to his character, conduct, teachings, sacrificial death as full payment for sin, triumphant resurrection over the power of sin, Satan, and death, his ongoing presence in our lives through his Spirit and his promised return to establish a new heaven and new earth.  We bear ‘witness’ to Jesus on the basis of our personal, first-hand experience of his love, mercy and power in our lives.  I can only genuinely bear witness to Jesus if faith and obedience is core to my life.  Otherwise, I am only reciting the stories of others, not my own.

We are called to give witness primarily of Jesus…not of religion, or a church.

  1. ‘My witnesses’…WHERE? all over, starting where we are, the geography we work, live, play and do life.  The places we travel to and visit.  Illustrate:  ‘My Geography’  Where do you do life? List the places…your address, and the places you spend time in.
  1. ‘My witnesses’…HOW? Let’s go back to Acts 1:1-2.  “All that Jesus began to do and teach…” Christ followers witness through words and behaviours of grace and truth and deeds of practical compassion.  Study his life…he went about doing good and teaching people about the grace and truth of God and invited people to experience new life in God’s kingdom.  A life lived empowered and enlightened by the Holy Spirit.  Acts 1:8.  God infuses their lives with the indwelling Spirit of Christ.  Compare Romans 8:11-15; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20.  I can share with others, through my life, the reality of Jesus and what he can ‘bring to their barren table.’  

Experiencing God’s power requires genuine surrender to the authority of Jesus, keeping short accounts with God, others and myself…being ready to confess sin and make amends when necessary.

Courageous and compassionate thoughts and actions are experienced as I obey the teachings of Scripture, especially the teachings of Jesus.  

  1. ‘My witnesses’…WHEN? Now. Today, in the geography we occupy.  Now, when life has its share of challenges and uncertainties.  We don’t wait for ideal, however you may define ‘ideal’; we engage in ‘real.’  Life as it is, with God helping us.  Hebrews 4:15-16.
  2. ‘My witnesses’…WHAT happens? People, one at a time investigate the faith, ask questions about Jesus and some become genuine, thoughtful followers of Jesus, one conversation, one interaction at a time.  Play ‘Strangers’ video (Skit Guys)

               Think of you life…who did God use to point you, to stir you to consider Jesus?

Your Adventure Continues…as you navigate life where you are, with God’s guidance and strength, you and I will see evidences of the supernatural power of God at work…in and through us!

Adventure:  “an exciting or very unusual experience…participation in an exciting undertaking, with risk and some uncertainty included”

               Let’s navigate the adventure of a life on adventure, together with God.  There’s no life like it!