The Church and Lust

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Sermon Notes

Review Matthew 5:27-30. How does this speak to your life?
• What “lusts” do you struggle with? You may find yourself
fantasizing about a better job, house or spouse. Think about the
things you desire the most – what is it about that “thing” that is
so beautiful to you that feel like you just must have it?
What implications does Matthew 5:27-30 have for us as a church
• The church is called to radically committed to both: rooting
sexual sin from our midst and caring for and restoring the
repentant sinner. Have you ever seen the church (Redeemer or
another church) balance these two well? How were they able to
do this well? Or, how did they fail to do this well?
How does this passage speak to our city?
• On any day this week, try to make a quick note in your phone, or
on a piece of paper, of all the instances you see images (in the
city, on TV or online, etc.) that tempt you to lust? What surprises
you about the number and nature of the images that you notice?
How has being observant to the way images are used to tempt
us to sin impacted you?