There are times and moments when the need to be sustained is deeply felt.

A relational breakdown, a health crisis, a financial reversal, a spiritual confusion that will not let up…what might you add to the list? ‘Sustain – to support, hold, bear up from below…to supply with food, drink and other necessities of life…to assist, nourish and nurture’ Do you need to be sustained currently given the disruptive reality of COVID-19? 

In the last few months Psalm 55:22 has been a sustaining Scripture of note: ” Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall.” 

How does God actually sustain people like you and me? Let’s learn together, in person or on line about: 

  • sustaining Scriptures
  • sustaining relationships
  • sustaining spiritual practices

God longs to help us, to support us in the journey of life. Will we turn to Him in humility and be receptive and responsive to his sustaining resources? Join us online or in person at 10 am Sunday mornings